Tennis Elbow 2004

Tennis Elbow 2004

Get to play as the best tennis players in the world in this fun game
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Tennis Elbow is a series of tennis games which has been developed for several years now. As its name indicates, this game is about tennis and almost everything related to it. If you always wanted to grab a racket and get in the court as the famous players that you watch on your TV, and as the great majority of people you couldn’t make that wish true, this is a second chance to live that sensation.
The game uses a very easy-to-use interface where everything screams “tennis”. Every icon resembles a tennis ball and every sound effect is related to the game. The first menu presents three tennis balls: Training Club; World Tour; Credits. The World Tour option is not available in the trial version, as many other characteristics of the game, so basically, the only thing you can do is to go for the Training Club option. Besides these three balls, you will find other options on the right side regarding the customization of the game (controls, screen, and sounds, among others).
Back to the Training Club, this option offers in turn three more icons: Play; Character Sheet; Play Options. Character Sheet is the form from where you can choose your favorite player. From Play Options you can select the game type (singles and doubles), swap ends options, score options, and court color. The last two options are not available in the trial edition.
From the Play option you can choose to Warm-up, start playing a match, and go online for a network match.
You can try this game for 14 days before buying the licensed version. If you like it, you can buy this game for only 24.95 dollars, right from the Magna Games site, on the Web.

Lionel Mira
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  • It's a lightweight game
  • The game price is affordable
  • You can buy online


  • The trial has too many limitations
  • The graphics are kind of poor
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